new life fellowship

serving jesus christ the king

New Life Fellowship is part of the Reformed Presbyterian Church, which has had churches in Donegal for over 200 years. Although there used to be a Reformed Presbyterian Church in Letterkenny years ago, New Life Fellowship started in 2001. We choose the name, ‘New Life Fellowship’ to reflect what we believed.

We have a
crown as part of our logo because we believe that Jesus Christ is King over everything. The Bible teaches that man was made to live happily under God’s rule, but has rebelled. Instead of wiping us out, he came to rescue us. This is the ‘new life’, the good news we proclaim.

We call ourselves a ‘
fellowship’ because we believe that church is more than coming together one day a week for an hour - God is in the process of creating a new family, of developing new friendships. Church is a place to belong to, not a building, or an event.

Our focus as a church is on worship and teaching. We want to develop a hunger and thirst for the living God. For this reason, we seek to root all we do in God’s word - after all, we feel that he should know best. And since he is timeless, his word is relevant for all times.

If you are looking to find out what the Bible is about we invite you to come along and find out with us. The best way for you to get a feel for New Life Fellowship is simply to come along. We’re used to people dropping in to see what we’re like. So feel free to do likewise.

Looking forward to meeting you

Pastor Mark Loughridge
Pastor Jonny McCollum