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Faith and Lingerie

Now there’s an arresting title… rest assured it’s not about me.

Model Kylie Bisutti won the Victoria's Secret Model Search in 2009, beating over 10,000 other hopeful young women to the title. “Victoria's Secret was my absolutely biggest goal in life,” she says in an interview, “and it was all I ever wanted career-wise.” From there she started doing shoots for their catalogue and was on the cover of multiple magazines, “I hosted parties, dazzled red carpets, and got more attention than a girl could ever imagine (and loved every minute of it).”

Yet she has decided to stop modelling lingerie, convinced that God’s priorities for her life are more important than her desires. Here she puts it in her own words:

“…it was so much fun and I had a blast. But the more I was modelling lingerie, and lingerie isn't clothing, I just started becoming more uncomfortable with it because of my faith... I’m a Christian, and reading the Bible more, I was becoming more convicted about it.”

“I didn't really want to be that kind of role model for younger girls … looking up to me and then thinking that it was okay for them to walk around and show their bodies in lingerie to guys.”

“It was pretty crazy because I finally achieved my biggest dream, but when I finally got it, it wasn't all that I thought it would be. Just being married I wanted to keep my marriage sacred because divorce rates now in America are pretty high, and I want to do everything I can to keep my marriage special. My body should only be for my husband and it’s a sacred thing… I wanted to be the wife that God made me to be and the one my husband deserved.”

“So I stopped modelling lingerie and skimpy bathing suits. I told myself I would never be on a men’s magazine again, and I decided to be more modest in the way that I dressed. I don’t want to be known as a sex symbol. I desire to be known as a woman who fears the Lord.”

“The Lord… showed me where to find true happiness and self worth—how to be truly beautiful, which has nothing to do with external beauty, and most importantly how to truly live a life for Him and His glory and not my own.”

“Christ has totally reshaped and moulded my desires… I desire to show my husband respect in every aspect: the way I dress, act, what jobs I will take on. I now work with a brand that markets clothing as well as lingerie and I only model their clothing line... I’m so grateful for Christ’s mercy and grace and I am so passionate about now being a positive Godly role model, who lives for and fears the Lord.”

We live in a sex and appearance obsessed society, where young women are bombarded with the ‘truth’ that their value lies in their looks and that ‘sex sells’. Bisutti has found the truth—value comes from knowing Christ, and the body is a gift to be shared between husband and wife.