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Googling “Escort agency Letterkenny”

So it would seem that escort agencies are finding a market here in Letterkenny. A couple of years ago I wrote an article for the paper on the theme entitled “Escort agencies, Call girls and Jesus”. I posted it on my website as I did with all the newspaper articles at that time.

Consequently when people go to Google and type in something like "escort agency letterkenny" among the hits will be the article I wrote. I suspect it isn’t my article they are looking for.

Over the last few days there has been a marked rise in people ending up on my website having gone searching for escort agencies in Letterkenny. I can only assume that corresponds to an increase in people searching for such services.

What has a pastor to say about
prostitutes coming to Letterkenny? Maybe more to the point, what would a pastor say to the prostitute?

I’d say, “You are too valuable to sell yourself in this way. There’s a far greater purpose for you. Come and find out about Jesus and find cleansing, forgiveness, acceptance and that far greater purpose.”

What would a pastor say to the man who uses the services of a call-girl? I’d say exactly the same. What Jesus offers is a better and longer lasting delight than the fleeting pleasures of a one-night stand. Don’t make sex your god—it can only offer an anaesthetic to the real problems of life. On the other hand Jesus is the real God who offers you forgiveness, cleansing, freedom and transformation.

What would a pastor say to everyone else?

I’d say we’re kidding ourselves if we think that escort agencies coming to Letterkenny are the cause of the problem. They only go where there is a demand. The problem doesn’t lie out there with escort agencies, the problem lies within.

And it may be much closer than we think. It lies in our own hearts. True, not everyone would use the services offered. But we each have our own ways of ignoring God and his rules. We classify our own ways as acceptable, but the things others do that we find offensive we call unacceptable. But to God they are all unacceptable.

Within each heart lies the seed of every sin. And until the problem of the human heart is dealt with we’ll have escort agencies, prostitution, and people willing to pay for sex. And if it isn’t call-girls, it will be something else that springs out of the human heart—drunkenness, lies, greed, marital unfaithfulness, bitterness, etc—all of which wreak their own havoc in more subtle but equally destructive ways.

Ultimately there is only one way to deal with these problems. We need a new heart that is wired to following God’s ways. Only Jesus can bring about that change.

The answer for all concerned, from the call-girls to the punters, to every one of us is simply, “We need the fresh start Jesus offers.”