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Hitting Snooze

(By Robert McCollum)

Do you ever think much about the snooze button?  I imagine it is the next best button to that little morphine button they give to patients in the hospital.  And probably just as addictive.  For some, the snooze button on their alarm clock is possibly the greatest invention—a device we can hit while we are still half asleep so we can put off the ‘inevitable’—getting up and facing the music.  Not only can you hit it once, but over and over again—it is the ‘ultimate’ in procrastination.  Gone are the good intentions of the night before.  Everything is now all about those extra minutes.

Who doesn’t love to indulge a little in the snooze button now and then?  We set our alarm clocks a little earlier than we need to get up just so that we can hit the snooze.  
Not only do you get your feel good factor, but you then get to go back to sleep!  For 10 whole minutes! And how is that sleep?  Those 10 minutes are better than the 6 or 8 hours you might have gotten the night before.  You get to stay in that ‘half-awake, half-asleep’ place where you are aware you are asleep and everything is timeless. 
We can do the same with life—hitting the snooze button when a wake up call comes along. You know occasionally something makes us think about more serious issues—illness strikes, or a near brush with death, or a bereavement or an article in the paper. We are forced to think about what happens when we die… but before it gets too serious we hit the mental snooze button, and put it off for another time.
Those who keep hitting snooze on the clock miss out on the rest of the day. Likewise when we hit snooze on the bigger issues. You know that it is time to do something about your eternal destiny. Why do you keep putting it off?  You hear the alarm, but are you repeatedly hitting the snooze button and sleeping through your life? 

Wake up, get up and live it. Jesus came so that you may have life, and life to the full.