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7 Days with the 7 Sayings from the Cross

Welcome to our Easter Reflections page. These tracks were originally produced for a CD - but we've posted them here for a wider audience. We’ve put together this Easter Reflections CD because we are passionate about people hearing the good news of what Jesus has done for us.

Suspended between heaven and earth on a rough wooden cross, amidst his agony, Jesus utters seven densely packed sayings. Dying words usually are important, all the more so when, as in this case, it takes colossal effort to hoist your body up to breathe and hence to speak. Each saying is a window on the crucifixion revealing it meaning and significance.

Pastor Mark Loughridge provides a brief reflection on each saying—one for each day of the week in the lead up to Easter.

(Originally produced for CD distribution - including Psalms from Bon Accord, the Northern Presbytery Choir, and The Genevans)

Cry 1 - Father, forgive them
Psalm 130
Cry 2 - Today, you will be with me in Paradise
Psalm 73
Cry 3 - Dear woman, here is your son
Psalm 25
Cry 4 - My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?
Psalm 22
Cry 5 - I thirst
Psalm 22
Cry 6 - It is finished!
Psalm 22
Cry 7 - Father, into your hands I commit my spirit
Psalm 31

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